Big Brother’s Next Tool – Your TV

MIT’s Technology Review has an interesting article on some new TV technology from the San Francisco startup, Flingo. They are taking the new craze of internet-connected televisions to a whole new level of creepy and invasive with software that can distinguish what you are watching and report it back to some server on the internet. […]

XBMC Dharma 10.0 Review

I’ve had a quick minute or two to play with the latest XBMC 10.0 release. So far it is a nice improvement over prior versions. Here are my thoughts on the Windows version so far. I will have to get some time to play around with the Linux version before I post a followup detailing […]

UltraViolet Seems A Bit Big Brother

I’m still undecided on this whole UltraViolet system that the “big boys” keep praising and touting as the next best thing. It all seems a little too Big Brother for me; sort of like the idea of Federal gun registration or something. The way this whole system is supposed to work is: You sign up […]

PopBox Delayed and Downgraded

I wrote previously about a new set top box device that I was looking forward to, the PopBox from Syabas. Upon it initial announcement this little box sounded like it was going to be the great new end-all device for the home theater. Well as we get closer to its imminent release, Syabas has announced […]

New Shows and Services

I’ve been caught up with a few mini-projects the last week or so, as well as a new show. As I mentioned before, I am researching and picking the specs for my new HTPC build. For pricing reasons, I’m now considering reusing an old Athlon X2 CPU, mobo, and ram to drastically cut down on […]

HTPC and Bitstreamed Audio Guide

It seems that one of the biggest struggles we face in the HTPC arena is getting our high definition audio codecs properly passed from our home theater PC to our ears with the absolute best quality possible. Typically this has been done via multi-channel LPCM over an optical connection to an AV receiver. Now that […]

A New Year Brings New Projects

New Year With a new year comes new projects (and after Christmas specials)! I apologize for the pause in updates. We took a short, unexpected vacation to get all prepared for 2010. Hopefully everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday and took time to be with family and friends. Well, now we are settled back […]

Ember Media Manager 1102 Released

The guys over at the Ember Media Manager project have released revision 1102 with a number of bug fixes. Ember Media Manager is one of, if not the, best applications out there for managing your movie media collection and producing XBMC compatible NFO catalogs. Some of the more notable changes are: Many of the scrapers […]

XBMC Gets 1080p Across All Platforms

XBMC will now have the ability to decode and playback full 1080p streams with ease. And the best part about it, is that it will have full cross platform support! Previously, anyone looking to decode any 1080p streams in H.264 or VC-1 would need a nice beefy processor to do all the heavy lifting. Then […]

XBMC 9.11 Released

XBCM has released version 9.11 of their Xbox Media Center with a whole slew of updates, changes, and tweaks. The most noticeable difference is the new default theme. XBMC switched over to the new Confluence theme as the default with the recently updated PM3.HD set as the secondary default. As part of their cleanup, XBMC […]

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