UltraViolet Seems A Bit Big Brother

I’m still undecided on this whole UltraViolet system that the “big boys” keep praising and touting as the next best thing. It all seems a little too Big Brother for me; sort of like the idea of Federal gun registration or something. The way this whole system is supposed to work is: You sign up […]

New Shows and Services

I’ve been caught up with a few mini-projects the last week or so, as well as a new show. As I mentioned before, I am researching and picking the specs for my new HTPC build. For pricing reasons, I’m now considering reusing an old Athlon X2 CPU, mobo, and ram to drastically cut down on […]

Netflix Review

It has been a few weeks since I first mentioned my plans to review the Netflix and Blockbuster rental services. As promised, here is the first of those reviews detailing my experience with Netflix’s free two week trial. So let’s see how things went… Netflix quotes an average 3 day turnaround on their shipping, but […]

Movies-By-Mail Trials and Tribulations

Let’s face it. These days we have become lazy. We just want to come home from a long week of work, sit back, have a nice ice cold cola (with whiskey of course), and watch some pretty, flashy images dance upon the screen. Traditionally, we would drive down to the local video store, walk around […]

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