Big Brother’s Next Tool – Your TV

MIT’s Technology Review has an interesting article on some new TV technology from the San Francisco startup, Flingo. They are taking the new craze of internet-connected televisions to a whole new level of creepy and invasive with software that can distinguish what you are watching and report it back to some server on the internet. My immediate reaction is….why? Why on earth would any consumer want this? And the answer is simple. We DON’T! It is just a new means for big advertising companies to keep track of your lifestyle preferences and target you with more annoying ads. My next question was: how will they distinguish between viewers for any such new ads? How will prevent your secret porn addiction from showing adult advertisements to your wife, or worse, your kids?

I think that this is taking things a little too far. I’m just glad that I am tech savvy enough to use a HTPC for all my content and can easily keep my TV disconnected from the network altogether. Either way, feel free to check out the rest of the article over at the Technology Review site and let me know you think about this. Is this a harmless addition worth the embedded apps in the TV or is it a little too big brother or Skynet feeling?

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