R2-D2 Appears in Rival Movies

Apparently R2-D2 is conquering the world by slowly invading it on movie at a time. The squeaky little droid from the ever popular Star Wars series was first spotted making an appearance in the new Transformers 2 movie and has now made a confirmed cameo in the latest Star Trek film. How or why he is popping up in all these new releases has yet to be mentioned. The only connection so far is the use of ILM (Industrial Light and Magic), George Lucas’ pioneered  CG company.

Gizmodo has some nice high resolution images of this universe travelling droid in the two films I mentioned. Head on over there to check out the proof and ILM confirmations.

R2-D2 treks through space

R2-D2 visits his long lost relatives

Update: After doing some independent verification (yes on the blu-ray version), the claims have lost a little credibility with me. In Transformers 2, I can verify that the image of R2-D2 behind Megan Fox airbrushing the motorcycle is a fake. He is nowhere to be found in that scene whatsoever. There isn’t even any other objects that could be mistaken as him. In the later scene you can see the object they point out, but it is still very vague. Enough so that it is still questionable whether that really is R2-D2. It is possible and you can somewhat make out the three “feet,” but it is still distorted enough that it could just be something else entirely. I haven’t had a chance to verify the scene of him in the new Star Trek movie, but I will be sure to give another update on my findings.

Update 2: Although I could not verify for sure that R2-D2 makes an appearance in Transformers 2, I was able to positively confirm his cameo in the new Star Trek. As you can see in the frame snap below of me watching it on my own computer, it is clear as day, no-doubt-about-it, for sure R2-D2 flying by. This should make for some very interesting reactions from both the Star Wars and Star Trek fanboy camps.

R2-D2 cameos in Star Trek

R2-D2 cameos in Star Trek

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