Ember Media Manager 1102 Released

The guys over at the Ember Media Manager project have released revision 1102 with a number of bug fixes. Ember Media Manager is one of, if not the, best applications out there for managing your movie media collection and producing XBMC compatible NFO catalogs. Some of the more notable changes are: Many of the scrapers […]

XBMC Gets 1080p Across All Platforms

XBMC will now have the ability to decode and playback full 1080p streams with ease. And the best part about it, is that it will have full cross platform support! Previously, anyone looking to decode any 1080p streams in H.264 or VC-1 would need a nice beefy processor to do all the heavy lifting. Then […]

Patriot Box Office – The Promising New Set Top Device

The world of set top devices just took a great leap forward in the evolutionary process! Patriot Memory has released their set top media player they call the “Box Office.” Although it still hasn’t reached the point of being the best all-around device for the home theater, it has taken two giant leaps toward becoming […]

XBMC 9.11 Released

XBCM has released version 9.11 of their Xbox Media Center with a whole slew of updates, changes, and tweaks. The most noticeable difference is the new default theme. XBMC switched over to the new Confluence theme as the default with the recently updated PM3.HD set as the secondary default. As part of their cleanup, XBMC […]

Extreme Media Server

I’m always interested to hear about people’s “extreme” projects, whether it be an extreme media server or some interesting computer mod. The home theater does not need to be relegated to a dry or boring niche of nothing but HD televisions, HTPC’s, and Onkyo audio receivers. Media has be stored somewhere and with the growing […]

Netflix Review

It has been a few weeks since I first mentioned my plans to review the Netflix and Blockbuster rental services. As promised, here is the first of those reviews detailing my experience with Netflix’s free two week trial. So let’s see how things went… Netflix quotes an average 3 day turnaround on their shipping, but […]

Blu-Ray: Obstacles and Advantages

A few years back when blu-ray was just starting to come about, Richard Weber wrote in an article entitled “The Age of Blu-Ray” detailing some of the main benefits of blu-ray technology: “Do you remember how awesome it was when you upgraded from you old VHS tapes to DVDs? The picture was way clearer and […]

D-Link Boxee Box Revealed

The other night, D-link showed off its upcoming Boxee Box. It is a custom built appliance running Boxee on Linux. It comes with: SD Card Reader HDMI output port S/PDIF Digital Audio Out Stereo Analog Audio Out Ethernet RJ-45 connector 2 USB 2.0 ports Boxee has mentioned that they are pushing to get support for […]

Ember Media Manager Lives On…..Sort Of

So earlier, I mentioned that development on one of my favorite media managers was being halted by the main developer. I have been following the thread over at XBMC Forums in hopes that some generous users will revive this promising gem. After 200 some odd pages, it appears that some have done just that. Well, […]

R2-D2 Appears in Rival Movies

Apparently R2-D2 is conquering the world by slowly invading it on movie at a time. The squeaky little droid from the ever popular Star Wars series was first spotted making an appearance in the new Transformers 2 movie and has now made a confirmed cameo in the latest Star Trek film. How or why he […]

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