AnyDVD HD for Life…Again?

If you have a home theater PC, you’ve undoubtedly heard of AnyDVD HD. In fact, it is probably one of the first few items you install on a new HTPC build. Well, two years ago Slysoft announced they were doing away with lifetime updates for AnyDVD HD which we covered back in 2011. However, I […]

Choosing Your HTPC

People are watching more television and movies today than ever, and they are doing it in much more innovative and convenient ways.  In fact, by using a Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) they can watch virtually any show they want at a time which is convenient for them.  A good HTPC will allow the user […]

Big Brother’s Next Tool – Your TV

MIT’s Technology Review has an interesting article on some new TV technology from the San Francisco startup, Flingo. They are taking the new craze of internet-connected televisions to a whole new level of creepy and invasive with software that can distinguish what you are watching and report it back to some server on the internet. […]

We're Moving!

We are moving to a new server with better everything! So the site may be up and down a little bit over the next week. Thanks!

XBMC Dharma 10.0 Review

I’ve had a quick minute or two to play with the latest XBMC 10.0 release. So far it is a nice improvement over prior versions. Here are my thoughts on the Windows version so far. I will have to get some time to play around with the Linux version before I post a followup detailing […]

My 2011 Home Theater Wishlist

The new year is generally associated with new resolve to do things differently: work out more, eat less, ask for a raise, be more assertive, whatever. The fact is that most people make these lame resolutions to make themselves feel better and then they all quickly fall to the wayside. So instead of making resolutions […]

UltraViolet Seems A Bit Big Brother

I’m still undecided on this whole UltraViolet system that the “big boys” keep praising and touting as the next best thing. It all seems a little too Big Brother for me; sort of like the idea of Federal gun registration or something. The way this whole system is supposed to work is: You sign up […]

AnyDVD HD Lifetime Updates

Slysoft has announced that, as of January 01 2011, they will be discontinuing their lifetime update license for AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD. However, a quick check shows that it is still an option on the sales page. So if you have been playing around with their trial versions and thinking about getting a registered license, […]

Site Theme Issues

Since upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, the site’s theme has been doing some very strange things lately. I am aware of these and thank you to those that have written to let me know. The good news is that I will be working on redesigning the site and the new design should resolve […]

Bah Humbug, The Grinch Stole My Shows

Well it’s the holiday season again and for most people that means lots of shopping, work parties, eggnog, singing carols, and wearing horribly awful sweaters. Unfortunately, I tend to notice the other (and much more disappointing) side of the holidays; the end of the season. Just as we’re getting settled into our routines of watching […]

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